Durban Call Centre shows the importance of agility during a global pandemic

Mark Chana
3 min readFeb 17, 2021


While 2020 was a year of disruption, it also welcomed the growth and acceleration in several digital and technological trends, and those that were fortunate could still continue their personal and professional lives.

However, since the country has gone under lockdown and continues to battle the devastating effects of the pandemic, many businesses have had to reckon with the new challenges they’re faced with and adapt to “The New Normal”. Of these businesses, the world of customer services has faced its biggest challenge yet, working remotely.

South Africa’s strength in Outsourcing

While India still holds the top spot for the most favoured offshore outsourcing locations in the world, South Africa is not far behind, and comes in second as a Business Process Outsourcing Destination (BPO) and is the first choice for offshore ‘voice’ interactions.

Feedback from a global survey conducted on more than 500 C-suite companies from 42 countries across the globe, showed South Africa’s position is further cemented as a key global player and a BPO destination.

What is a BPO ?

Simply put BPO refers to the process of hiring or contracting a third party outside of one’s company to handle standard business functions. This usually includes (but is not limited to) contact centres , human resources, payroll, accounting and other general customer service enquiries.

The development of BPO

While the pandemic has forced many businesses, large and small to take a step back and reassess, CCI South Africa, a contact centre BPO has managed to use this as an opportunity to not only assess their solutions but also adapt to these new challenges and ensure business continuity.

Despite being under immense pressure to deliver resources (people), accurate and timely information, thanks to new work structures, the concepts of flexibility and agility have shifted. Intelligent telecommunication has also resulted in contact centres seeing a remarkable turnaround, opening a range of possibilities.

According to the industry body Business Process Enabling South Africa (BPESA), South Africa’s BPO sector employs nearly 260 000 people and at least 65 000 of these agents’ service international clients across the UK, the US, Europe, Australia and Africa.

CCI South Africa’s role in offshore outsourcing

Evolved from humble beginnings by Chief Operating Officer (COO) Mark Chana, CCI South Africa has now served more than 300 million people and handles 120 million inbound and outbound calls each year.

Operating as South Africa’s largest international contact centre, CCI South Africa has worked with numerous partners across multiple sectors. Specialising in customer lifecycle management, digital engagement and inbound and outbound BPO services. CCI South Africa works closely with its partner CareerBox in providing outstanding, previously disadvantaged young team members who get an opportunity to change their lives and work with a fast growing team at CCI South Africa, to deliver great results and customer service to CCI’s partners around the world.

“Renowned for their commitment to collaboration, customer service excellence and business improvement, CCI South Africa can deliver vital services, business value and optimal results” Mark Chana.

Increase your company’s productivity when you partner with CCI South Africa for all your BPO needs.

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